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Green Fuels

Xpozz Biomass Pellets

from Green Tender Coconut Waste

Xpozz Bio Pellets are made from Green Tender Coconut Waste, Cashew and Coffee husks, and Green Agro waste. These materials are ground up and compressed into pellets that can be used for Co-Fireable alternate fuel. Biomass pellets have a wide range of applications and can be used as fuel for homes, businesses, and industrial facilities.

Xpozz Bio Pellets Have Many Advantages Over Other Energy Sources

  • Xpozz Bio Pellets are renewable, sustainable, and have a very lowcarbon footprint.
  • In addition, Xpozz Bio pellets are very efficient and have a high energy density. They can be used to generate a lot of heat and power with very little fuel.
  • Xpozz Bio Pellets are also very clean burning. And produce nil or very little pollution and are much better for the environment than other energy sources.
  • Xpozz Bio Pellets are categorized as Green Fuel.
  • Xpozz Bio Fuel attract all Green points.
Bio Pellets are next to Fossil fuels as the largest energy sources, biomass is currently the biggest and most significant renewable energy source. With capability of providing all the energy services required, along with other renewable energy options. Biomass as an energy has ability to be renewed and its adaptability. In contrast to other renewable energy sources, biomass resources are widely available and used resource for energy production, therefore, has enormous potential.


Biochar, Bio-Oil and Syngas are obtained by pyrolysis from biomass. Xpozz Biochar is a product of Green Tender Coconut waste, Cashew & Coffee husk, Wood chips, Plant residues, Agro waste etc.]

Biochar is a material with exceptional properties

  • Xpozz Biochar is a product derived out of Biomass pyrolysis by removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.
  • While providing climate-neutral energy using the gas phase (Syngas) and the liquid phase (Bio-Oil), the material use of the solid phase (Biochar) allows for carbon capture and storage, thus leading to a a net climate positive process.
  • Xpozz Biochar has a high carbon content of up to 90 % and binds carbon material reliably, long-term and without negative side effects. It is characterized by highly interesting physical and chemical properties and has a positive effect on biochemical processes.
  • This broad application of Xpozz Biochar makes negative emissions possible at a large scale.  Today the sequestration has already begun.
Xpozz Biochar is also treated as an alternate to fossil fuel due to its Co fireable Calorific value and low fumes with reduced emissions

Pyro Oil

Xpozz Pyro Oil is derived by Bio-mining of Legacy waste or Landfill mining as an effective and eco-friendly process. In accordance with circularity, it involves reuse, recycle and recovery aiming to build up a sustainable resource and gives protection through the elimination of waste which also enable the society to become more autonomous and pollution free. By co-processing combustible material and converting as RDF and converted to high quality Pyro Oil.